CONDOM DIPLOMACY- The Noble Peace Nobel {Pre-emptive contours in the White Man’s political Tolstoying of war and peace)

{The remotely connecting concern in mind at this juncture is for the domestic PEACE of my birthplace Manipur in eastern India that needs climatic transformation in developmental politics. The whole state is in revolt to remove the current Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh, alleged with a bellicose handling of law and order, with all major student bodies, journalists’ union and topmost organisations bringing the clock to a mere tick-tock of face saving affairs. No schools, no colleges, and no darn sensible press coverage is possible or given. Unless political pride and prejudices at play is understood by the public in general, there cannot be a transformation. The undoing of the last 15 odd years finally has evoked some common grounds. The odds and ends of those ministry kings are desperately catching hold of the saving reed. The end of it is unclear but the means are vividly substandard. Meanwhile, the world saw fresh diplomatic grounds through the Peace Nobel exponents. Can’t join your weekend beers, so here’s distant cheers, in the face of jeers. ************************************************************************

The word “Noble” has been the nearest resounding presidential word this past week since the Peace Nobel went to a supposedly Noble President. It occurred that the word NOBLE, like the multifaceted personalities of the Peace NOBEL Laureates, has multiple noun and adjective undertones as in being dignified to being aristocratic also. The NOBLE synonyms are made BOLD in this text for a nobler comprehension. Simply speaking by press facts, Barack Obama’s a SPORTING guy, because he did reconcile with tough cops over beer, a SELF-SACRIFICING guy as a straight father , who apparently endorses Harvey‘s gay milk rights. A GALLANT man to palm-swat a buzzing fly during a TV interview, a DECENT, GOOD, SPLENDID and GRACIOUS host to many world leaders, and a WORTHY eye that was nearly spectacled out of proportion by rear end journalism. More so, we see an UPRIGHT standing man when he delivers a speech, and is also VIRTUOUS far over Italian affairs. (Criteria for the good NOBLE, not the Nobel) Then, the ARISTOCRATIC, LORDLY, TITLED, PATRICIAN, BLUE BLOODED, HIGHBORN synonyms should have to be the soul keepers of ALFRED NOBEL’S ACADEMY. Some five heads of six years tenure, receive internationally nominated names in sealed envelopes, and then gossip over whether to award a president who seems to have affected world peace efforts with intern liaisons or decides to keep the Nobel menu bland for a year to bury ghosts of remnant colonial politics screwed into the spinning wheel of the man who dared white policies without arms. (Criteria for the Nobel, not the Noble) Democrat, a republican, saint, non-violent or a bald headed to a scarfed man; it is the NOBILITY of the Norwegian Committee that ballots. Moreover, today’s decision is made in an age of nuclear dependency, unlike the joint intergovernmental sharing inclusive of goras and warm climatic Pachauris (An Indian interpretation of Al Gore’s skin tone and a snack of the Nobel kind) To go by the advancing joke of it, the Committee needs to delve more on a NOVEL hypothesis of ataken-for-granted peace solution in India of HONOURABLE familial arrangement like motherly peace to the billionaire warring siblings. Considering the press coverage, Kokilaben of the Indian economy influencing Reliance Empire should be considered for some national Peace award atleast. For criteria, look at the shares, stocks and cricket it has played a Ma to. I didn’t study International relations, nor can I claim expert opinion. But this is solely based on derivations of ongoing study and field experience of conflict ridden home turf. In related parts of the solution, I perused of Peace protocols and Conflict transformation theories tried in instances of Middle-east conflicts, during an exhaustive research and editing process. {It struck me that in my state of 30 plus rebel groups, primary concepts of it are applicable, except for a rigid governance that is not willing to come out of the established differences, indifferences and blame game affairs. Thus, the Centre plays more indifferent in return. The prerogative at first rests with domestic governance} This knowledge doesn’t suffice to critically comment or suggest an alternate Obama. I am just following the new directions that have been revealed to world politics ever since the same critical world today rejoiced in Obama’s presidential victory. If he has not been proven, he hasn’t been off pitch either. For a relatively new statesman under strict scrutiny, it was exceptionally encouraging to be given a shot in the arm, and fend off the venom too with relative ease. He won sides, not by renunciation of the award, but by accepting it to further the endeavours that got him elected unanimously. I completely disagree with Times of India’s view, in particular, that Obama should have opted for the Sonia shade of exit. Some still are yet to come out of the plagiarism closet. While Sonia chose to read the largest democracy’s emotions (without discounting her personal), Obama read the combining insinuations of world politics. One woman’s meat is another man’s poison, in this case. Reversely, Obama would have been criticised of succumbing to pressure of his own tall promises or praised for emulating Sonia Gandhi by the Indian Press, at least. Minus any sarcasm, I have lately begun to understand the role of Nobel diplomacy as a protective sheath of tractable policies to prevent birth of critical conflict of interests in the White man’s family, since the socio-politico-economic conditions in question are medically considered mature in almost nine months preg-sidency of a black foster-parent. {“….not as a personal recognition, rather as an affirmation of American leadership of all nations” – Obama’s response on how he views the Nobel to US Mediapersons in an apparent attempt to veer off home criticism} Arguable enough when it also reflected the metaphoric term “quasi-divine forces “used by nth critics while bestowing this year’s peace Nobel as a sort of check mate move on the history of US war policies or world leaders whose negotiated MoU’s and agreements had assuming power to stop wars, inclusive of this current Nobel Noble. Whether they succeeded in curbing potential threats to the circumstantial situations of world peace, by anointing signatory heads with the Peace Nobel oil has been historically proven as “SOME NOBELLED HEADS ALSO HAD DANDRUFF S”. All clear study of transparent heads like the Dalai Lama, with an opaque Yasser Arafat can explain. With no time to wallow for the magnitude of advancements to be expected of this era, I’d prefer to look at the global criteria, more than the endless edification that cannot liberate from the “salt on the wounds “of a noblest deserving Gandhi who inspirationally helped Mandelise South Africa from racial colours till today’s Obama who idolises him and epitomizes freedom from colours as well. The committee had apologetically acknowledged the mistake to directly or indirectly congeal the purpose of making Gandhi a benchmark of sorts, which explains the echoing connotations to the ideals that were identifiable of India’s Independence struggle, while today faces a virtual game of chess with nuclear pawns between extremely powerful & combative natured nations. Whether Sicilian or European defence tactics employed, the objective is to make the Grandmasters of nuclear chess feel the Obamate move aimed at a mutually beneficial draw. The eloquence in terming the surprise honour as a “means to give momentum to a set of causes” in Obama’s acceptance speech again will continue to be critically conjectured around Peace- seeking nations, especially the Arab and the Muslim geographies with whom I can identify myself with, as political negotiations of warring nations or factions is not just a parental job. The warring generation in question must also be ready to reconcile, on common grounds, since “forgiveness without mutual gains” is not political lexis. I picked a post-award comment of Saeb Erakat, the Palestinian Peace emissary, who held that “Obama will be able to achieve peace in the middle east.” And it is in such veracity of hope that the stature of a befitting statesman rises. If chance comes to one who is ready, I believe, Obama has shown and delivered more pragmatic readiness than how India-friendly Bush approached the Muslim world with. More than the nuclear issues of the developed world, issues of the unreached, especially of brainwash methodology like terrorism, that can drastically alter day to day life, are to my realm an utmost priority. Even in my small district of a lac population, you just can’t enact a non-proliferation treaty on human ammunition. Leaders with resilient zeal, local or international, likewise must be encouraged in every possible way. Stubborn areas need stubborn time and means. This Award was downright stubborn, and I instinctively feel its persistence to pay off in consequent talks. If Gandhi is seen as a victim of post-colonial boomerang, then Obama’s value flight is a bird in hand, better than one or two in the Bush’s. The Predecessor’s on the face of it measures, like Gandhi’s were way too audacious of their times, in their own respective variants to be easily propagated. The politesse of the world’s common Nobles or the Nobel, had too much at stake to accept their anti-external forces stands. President Obama is, at this point of combative repentance and economical revival, the only visible ray of hope even in the face of critical antagonistic winds, for the ABCD, & E -unions of the economically inseparable zone. In an era of Nukedom, when neither legal condoms, nor politically correct intercourse is effective in many governments of the world, Obama’s just another word for nothing left to lose, though it could have easily been the song of freedom for Nobel to detach itself from controversial blunders. The other nominees to this year’s Noble Nobel will hopefully be in our knowledge, by 2059, as per Nobel protocol. By then, we’d be a lot spunkless from exercising virility on the NOBLE political causes of the earth. Much before 2059 presses the Gandhian or Obama criticism again, congratulations, President Possibility. The reproductive joke is that it’s incredible you simply swatted a fly once for the world to see, and reap a preventive noble accessory. Categorically, if controversies cannot escape an award that is deemed as the highest echelon of a living human’s contribution to world peace in a year’s period, it should then, not be misconstrued when mankind’s noble invention to check undesired conception and infection is recommended to diplomatic lexicon via the Nobel. The more the reckless, the more is peace at risk. By the safe word, Obama has successfully distributed pre-emptive contoured packages, India being the latest recipient (no support lobby by Obama to enhancement of nuclear weapons), after China, North Korea, Iraq and Russia for the nuclear disarmament policy in less than a year.

 For the souls of Alexander Dumas and the Mahatma, the controversial count of the montage crystal is thus, avenged!!!

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