Justified Paroxysm

[The Beautiful hills of the North-eastern part of India are engulfed by clouds of Militancy, Discrimination, human trafficking, drugs etc.. while the heavily corrupted governments sit numb. Despite the overwhelming proven potential of its Seven Sisters or the seven states that form the demography, it is still far away from the realities of the present day.
# Simplest story for a Heart-close subject. ]

He and she are from a familiar society,

Wore clothes in the present century

Guzzle and gorged out of contemporary cutlery

 But their schools were spider to cobweb factory

Their mind’s stomach forced with cold rice and borrowed curry

Their newspapers taught the divisions of equality

For their government functioned in regurgitated theory

The cabinet ate of public money and destructive artillery,

 So when he and she faced the pace in bitter reality

They failed norms of the plural fraternity

Years before, he loved normal songs but sang depression and agony

Years before, she loved love movies but viewed a silent hated destiny

Years after, he found people who used him bad forget his misery

Years after, she found people who used her worst forget her apathy

Fortunately they survived their emergency,

And are now working the battle for liberty

He picked up the gun and followed his redeeming way

She picked up the pen and wrote all that she could not say

Metal or the water, the bullet or ink,

Paroxysmal ways for them to act and think

Thankfully justified by circumstance,

Or they would lose even this one unforced chance.


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