“A write-up of first year college digged out while cleaning out mails”


She wrote in her best writing strokes on my notepad… “You can be shy in your life, not in your work. You are at best when you are barreling through….”—lines I’d read from Jim Morison’s biography-the legendary DOORS front man and songwriter of the freewheeling 60’s.

She made it leap like thick, rich black words from between the two lined parallels of my notebook. SHE NOTES MY INSPIRATIONS WELL.

I’ve known her for quite a long time now. She reflects my moods, life’s bits and pieces. On my part, I do my best to keep her close to the heart.Yet, my forgetfulness always brings up those dreadful distances.

Leaving her aside, often, when I unwind by listening to my favourite songs, I have often delved to believe that had I not been a Christian I wouldn’t have carried music within me as I do today. – The lively choirs, congregational hymns and the vibrant Sunday school choruses….

Almost obvious to reason with, I feel I’d be shouting my commune’s harvest and victory songs only, had the early missionaries not evangelized my ancestors.

Better still, when I sit down with her to write again, she somehow reminds me that in my upbringing through these hymns in archaic English, I had an upper edge over my non-Christian friends. They weren’t introduced to English literature before me!!!! (You must support her for this!)

Sometime before, I’d picked up abridged biographies of hymn writers. Notably, the blind lady writer Fanny Crosby of the visionary “BLESSED ASSURANCE” and the lost Joseph Scriven’s reassuring  ” WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE” singspirations. They had written these hymns in such poetic dimensions that I fail to put in mere words, the perfect combination of delicate expressions in powerful lyrics.

Inspired, I also sat down to write a hymn with her. She refused to support me right there and then, trying to convey my lack of their kind of insight and inspiration. I persisted, but she was outright adamant.

In the process, she made me realize that the difference in the mentioned 60’s write and these 17th century greats will remain in the ages, their songs endure and enliven.

In spite of her being boundlessly adamant, I remain indebted to her for helping me erase my hillbilly fears and doubts to be an urbane “Barreling through” writer.

She never fails to compliment my efforts. Her loyalty shows as a result of my inputs to our relationship.

Despite her rich foreign origins, she never frets about sharing the quaint surroundings of my one-room tenement. But if I am dull and lazy, she proves to be doubly inanimate by sleeping or sulking at one posture, unless I hold her back.  The silent old feminine tantrum!!!

I must elaborate on her beautiful features…. Underneath that dark veil lies the proverbial “Gold Crowned” head with fine eye for details. A slender waist that has effortlessly been the same since we became a part of each other’s lives. To top it all, that tall, sculptured body even her peers would envy.”

Lately, I’ve been irked in concern of her excessive drinking habits, when I sit down long hours to write. I am sad to be forced in looking for a new, sensible drinking partner.

Well, to conclude with her story, she was spotted from amongst a dozen others by my dad, who chose to give her to me right after my college.

Before handing the responsibility, my mom dressed her up in matching white chiffon with laces in subtle shades of purple. My parents made her write the accompanying card…  “ Blessings for a fruitful life ahead.”

I accepted her without hesitation. I felt chuffed about her. With those blessings from our parents we marched ahead, hand in hand.

Ever since that first glimpse, she has ever remained my “ MADE FOR EACH OTHER” fountain penwrite fully mine forever.


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