(simply playing with the variants of Tequila Sunrise cocktail….a drink thats got the name of befitting songs alike )

Finally together, we sipped the gradations of an afternoon crystal ball
Deeply lost in the settled black currant shadows of a highball tall
Mesmerised by the red-sea sunrise that overlooked my alcoholic sea
Her giggling stories dashed with a longing slice of orange and cherry
Crème da cassis feelings sinking slowly like Poirot’s mystery
Hey sunshine sung by the band from the southern with a Caribbean seal
Sheer magical feel, royally dominated by her grenadine lips
Amaretto Disaronno, our Italian rendezvous of memories in stirring teal
A kiss of three years sunsets, the price of a thousand cocktail ships
Begins again our musings together,
For the endless sunrises of the tequilateral.


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