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Pardon me folks for the discretionary use of Thomas Alva Edison’s name as a connotation to the brand new electric lines of my good old’ village.

Strange but true, its 2004, 21st century, Y2K +4 but 55 kms only from Imphal and I was just lucky enough to switch on a bulb in the countryside, early this year.


Okay. I am sorry again to term the successive governments of the land of jewels like that. But, money-poor doesn’t mean Manipur as a culturally rich state but I am referring to the Economic times of India and not to the cultural times.(in case anyone reads this paper!!).Seriously, NO OFFENCE.

I bought a set of the main Switchboxes, a dozen of bulbs and tubes with a seemingly endless coil of ISI marked wires.

ALL SET AND DONE. Halleluiah! What an unbelievable sight!!! A strong current of happiness flowed in all of us. Then a string of advises followed…kids don’t touch this and that, no wet hands and so on.

The electrical musing that followed after that accomplishment, as the first household to be “switched on” was something you might perhaps find interesting.

The morning after, I got early visitors. A little more curious about the fitting costs rather than the normal amount of manure in my uncle’s cowshed. Some came for borrowing pliers, screwdrivers, and leftover wires. SAFETY TIPS TO CELLOTAPES…

What a uniquely busy day for everyone?

I admit I was a little mean in acquiring all the materials from the town before I stepped into the village. I had met the engineer and so was sure of the exact day when the lines would be electrified. Just a SMALL VILLAGE PRIDE to be the first…

Nonetheless, I had hired an acquaintance to bring all the materials at wholesale rates. Everyone benefited, though only on the Second day!

The Church treasury lent money to those who could not afford on time, the village authority court fixed the number of bulbs and tubes in each household according to their being joint or nuclear (the village has to pay an annual consumption fee!), a general body meeting was called and a few employment opportunities came up for deserving candidates.(local electric dept.!)

   People look better now. A little Sunday-dress smartness has come, as the evening service is bright enough for the youths in particular. Hard working women weave by night, the dogs have become lazy and fatter, my uncle’s rooster suffered insomnia and so crows late (can’t roost with the lights on!), small television sets have come as they say smaller ones have better receptivity, and we can listen to a range of Beatles to CCR to local gospel bands, more than ever before.


I see gadgets beyond my expectation too. Some town-educated kids do have video games in the village. No kidding!!!I see more beauty for tomorrow. Like big, bright Christmas trees decorated by the same kids and more…I fervently pray the currents should flow in every field continuously. The government for sure is doing its best in spite of the constraints financially or of the crippling law and order related issues. Lets wish the best for them.

 Well, folks wish me luck too, for I hope to be lucky enough to write soon about GRAHAMIFICATION. Hello chief, …it’s me from the capital city of Delhi…


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