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madhya pradesh on my mind-for Dabangg fans only

[Saw it yesterday, the unforgettable day of September. Not just for Americans but for the world. 9/11 defied any genre of movies nine years back. Well, life moves on, I prayed for the day, the victims and slowly got about moving for a weekend ]

I’m gonna spell it DaBungg since i read it “The Bang” the first time I saw that name. later when i saw its hindi da-ba ga with a bindu, I realised the importance of grace marks in my school life. Because of my Madhya Pradesh upbringing, I fail in anglicised hindi, just as Gopal of INSCRUTABLE AMERICANS by Anurag Mathur clearly explained. Gopal sahab, abhi bhi aap is desh ke kone-kone mein amar ho. Even when i watched Omkara earlier by Vishal Bharadwaj from Bijnaur (UP) and Gulaal by Anurag Kashyap, all I had in mind was Madhya Pradesh. I had a fearless Bhaubali as a classmate, so he came back to mind. My friend kinda looks like Ajay Devgan too, if school ( house) friends reading this can recall faces of classmates. The hain-ji-ain-ji also brought back a dayscholar friend. Some friends still call me Danny, so I really don’t think it’s a racist comment!:-)

I got to learn early that this UP-Bihar-MP belt is the trinity of Indian Movies.The good, the bad and the ugly, not respectively. MUMBAI took advantage of this “Familiarity breeds contempt” belt and fed India ostentatiously with the Trio politics, culture, lingo and arts coupled with Tapori– underworld slang that nobody really escaped from.Even Salman Rushdie got hooked to killofy, karofy and Maro-fying of slang-bang in his hawadaar writing. ( though he claims it came from the family language of his younger kith and kin)

So, Dabungg begins. DASHING-DESHING ENTRY has to be there. Maan Gaye bhaiyya what an entry. Aisa Phaaiting tha, beech mein Matrix jaisa still shots, aur durjon bank lootne walon ko ek akela Salman Eid ke din badhiya dhota hain…dialogue mein bola, abhi tak toh nehelaya hain, ab dho-unga. If you don’t get the belt’s hindi, its difficult to understand, I have bathe them, now I’ll wash them kinda dialogue.

Thank You Shatrughan Sinha. Hum Khamosh nahin reh sakte. Sonakshi Sinha is Bihar’s poshiest Garam Masala so far. I mentioned Garam Masala for obvious reasons of Baby Neetu chandra who constantly changes her D.O.B. Sonakshi has all it takes to Khamoshify whosoever. jug jug jiyo!those who don’t agree with my views on Sonakshi Sinha….bhai bhaad mein jao, ya patli gali se niklo. [ Reena Roy- ahoy!!] The AAITUM BUMB was a Nesunal phirecracker since d promos. So again, it brought back my classmate bhaubali who sang LAUNDA BADNAAM HUWA in one of our classroom histrionics. As it happened i read a review where the research went absolutely deep. Picture the making of the song interview and the LAUNDA-LAUNDI research links below. To see Salman and Malaika in an item song, in a movie produced by Arbaaz, deserves some applause. Its not just ” All about loving your family sentiments”. This goes beyond that to me. As for now, let me praise the Madhya Pradesh Public School education of the Khan Brothers.

I don’t wanna really think of how classic actors OM PURI & ANUPAM KHER were roped in for few minutes. VINOD KHANNA already has a WANTED tag, DIMPLE KAPADIA of RUDAALI already knows the language in perfect rendition. I noted that in some movies, Dimple really spews desi venom with the word haraami, just as Sadashiv Amrapurkar would with AAULAD” Thank you KASHYAP BROTHERS, Ehsaan Qureshi of The Great Indian laughter Challenge, & KHAN brothers for constant memories of the Belt- obviously inclusive of above and below the belt connotations.
The Movie surprisingly had a Kolkata Multiplex full of Seeti- Baazi.Thanks to BPO culture of import-export audience in the metros.

MINDLESS MAGICAL STUFF with starpower, inclusive of the new Lady Sinha.

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