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Tekhelet pigments in the Bible of a Jew
Dyed blood of a sea marine called the Hillazon;
The Talmud says that once in seventy years, it comes out of the ocean,
Body of the sea and form of a fish, milked for the holy tassels hue
Lo! Royal blue portiere of the sky’s door shows a star to the three wise men
Dor, the murex snail’s city fetches costly silver for the Phoenician’s fascination;
They that relentlessly milked the Tyrian purple, imperial dye of the emperor,
Blessed the king’s child as “porphyrogenitos”; Hail! “Born in the purple”!
Luxurious dye that made Aristotle wrote of the shellfish for “History of animals”,
Along the coast of Levant did Heracles dog chew on this poor molluscan balls;
Purple lipped pet, sure makes a funny portrait for a barking parrot
Europe only chose the insect vermillion to paint their crimson blue-red appetite.
Tzitzit Israelite’s fringes, the Rabbis saw in God’s throne, a pavement of sapphire
Meditate on the sky’s blue, and mediate from red anger towards its calm fire
From Virgin Mary to some hindu gods, depicted by the blue snail pigments
Destroyer Shiva turned poisonous blue; he drank to win against the demons.
Love darts of the garden snail that might the myth of Cupid’s arrows
The wicked melt like snailing-slime in Psalms fifty eight and eight,
Only Hesiod wrote that when the snail climbed the stalk, harvest time shows
Aztec’s moon god, withdraws the moon inside its shell-back, while lunar lovers wait.
For all at last to make the slow’s tribute a little fast is Carl Gustav Jung,
For his interpretative analysis gave the slow-blue snail its well-deserved rung,
You and I are the snail in dreams, truly not a lazy moving analogy
Soft linings of our subconscious, only awakes to the hard shell of reality.

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