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I press my hands on my eyes
And will that you come to me.
Your semblances shimmer and rise;
Yet ’tis never your self I see,
Never the exquisite grace
And the bright, still flame of you.
So, when I meet you face to face,
Always I know you anew! 

Faint visions I saw, instead
Of your brows direct and wise,
Of the little lilt of your head
And your dark-lashed, sky-clear eyes,
Of the soft brown braids demure,
The poise as of quiet light,
The perfect profile, sweet and pure,–
Never I dream you aright! 

And new in endless ways,
By your blessed heart unplanned,
It is mine to surprise each sweeter phase,
Adore you, and understand;
For through every delicious change in you
Truth burns with a clear still flame;
And, though always I know you anew,
Always I find you the same!
-william R,Benet 


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On a Landslide


Originally uploaded by rangamchiru

The earth surrendered to the rains
And slid to meet the river down
Test for the Brakes and machines
Quick decisions
Some good and some to be seen
Roots uprooted, wrong place at the wrong time
Their youth, their age swept
By the pride of rivers and rain
Another big machine comes along
Clears the debris and varied green corpses
What was once a camera’s delight
Became a visual nightmare
Hope alive, recuperating strength
In the breath of the roots left behind

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The sky,  blue sky

The dark shroud alibi

Unable to hide its indepth abyss

 Releases, wet colorless hues

What repenting gladiators feel that the sky doesn’t?


The sky, red sky colorplay, receding

Horizon’s hairline or a balding sunshine expressing

 A thousand brushes failure

What legends of artistes could that hue-mix capture?


If the sky could be true to its emotions

And show us

 Why my soul would you not live through transformations,

 And celebrate thus?

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