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Receding consciousness
A fainting fish out of the bowl spaces
Instantly rejuvenate, the death of mirages
Humanity, a fish in unconscionable waters
Spiritual engineers building dams of reason and creating harness
Deep waters from Vietnam, Tibet, etcetera in an ocean with surviving stenches
Some came by the Himalayas and are still frozen in many a mind’s glaciers
To melt for solace during the scorched moments of desperate fish-netters
Man is of the waters, lesser flesh, and so we learn by flowing rivers
The beggar’s song becomes the richest crown of jewels
The rich man’s life becomes the beggar’s bowl of desperate collectibles
We swim in faith and we mysteriously drown in the same
They drink in everyman’s stardom and finally drown in fame
They knot in the tide of love and face the murky currents
Some wished of the meteors and got lost in the starry torrents
Unconscionable, yet we have to endlessly swim
We are of the waters, less flesh
Swim free, the waves to caress
In the streaming tunes of many a hymn
Before the ocean ends and the journey trim. 





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